Look Younger Even 5 Years After a Facelift

One of the questions people enquiring about facelift surgery ? will ask most frequently is “How long will it last?” Surprisingly, there is very little scientific literature to enable doctors to give an honest and straightforward answer so they tend to pluck a number out of the air. To study patients over a long period… Read More »

6 Things to Know if You’re Thinking About a Facelift

Saggy skin Check. Loose jowls Check. Turkey waddle Check. If these are just a few of the problems looking back at you in the mirror, chances are a facelift is what you need. But before you commit to the procedure, you should know what really goes into it. This includes everything you need to do,… Read More »

Turn Back the Clock With a Facelift

Let’s have a chat…face to face. There’s simply no getting around it. As we age, we lose things that are important to us. It could be the ability to dominate on the basketball court or stay out dancing as late. One thing we can’t deny is that aging often shows up in the most obvious… Read More »

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