6 Things to Know if You’re Thinking About a Facelift

Saggy skin Check. Loose jowls Check. Turkey waddle Check. If these are just a few of the problems looking back at you in the mirror, chances are a facelift is what you need. But before you commit to the procedure, you should know what really goes into it. This includes everything you need to do, both pre- and post-surgery, to optimize your results which can make you look 10 years younger and tighten everything back to where it belongs. The Scar Situation In order for your plastic surgeon to tighten loose skin and tissue, an incision (about two inches long) will be made above your ear behind your hairline, down the contour of your ear before looping around your earlobe and the back of your ear and ducking into your hairline. These incisions allow your surgeon to get to the underlying muscles and tissues. Post-surgery, the incision points are closed with stitches or staples. Once you are healed, scars are usually minimal.

Where Does the Loose Skin Go? Once the incisions have been made, your plastic surgeon will tighten the muscles and tissues under your skin. To do this, the skin on your cheeks, jawline and neck needs to be manipulated in such a way that to get to the underlying layers of your face. Any fat that needs to be removed or added will be done at this time. From there, excess skin is removed and the skin is gently stitched back into place. You Want to Look Like an Improved Version of Yourself Facial rejuvenation is different today than it was years ago. It’s all about lifting what needs to be repositioned to where it should be and filling in what’s been lost so that you look like yourself, just younger. Nobody wants to look like they’ve had a facelift. They just want to look like themselves, only better. Be Realistic About Your Recovery: Take Two Weeks Off Work After surgery, you’ll need a few hours to wake up from the anesthesia. There may be drains under your skin to prevent blood and fluid from collection. A week later, stitches are removed and you’ll still be swollen, numb and bruised (it can take a few months to resolve). You’ll want to stay home and keep activities to a minimum. With a mini-facelift, the recovery may be shorter because the procedure is not as extensive. The Results Are Long-Lasting, but You May Need to Do It Again A facelift delivers long-lasting results but the results are dependent on factors like genetics and health. Some people may need a secondary facelift because surgery doesn’t stop the aging process your face will continue to age. For the most part, getting a facelift at a younger age leads to longer-lasting results than if you were to have it done when you’re older. You May Need Additional Procedures to Get Rid of Wrinkles One of the biggest things to know about a facelift is that it addresses parts of the face that are drooping. While it will smooth out some lines and wrinkles, it won’t fully erase them, so you may need additional procedures (done while you’re under anesthesia or post-procedure). Set up an appointment with our team today!

Source: New Beauty

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