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While the longevity of breast implants has increased over the last two decades due to significant technological improvements, they are still not intended to be lifelong devices. With age, implants may lose integrity, leading to ruptures or leaks.

The latest generation of breast implants delivers more natural-looking results to help patients look and feel their best. As such, many women are looking to improve their breast appearance with an implant exchange to get the benefits of newer, more natural-looking materials or change their implant size or shape. Breast revision or secondary breast surgery is a surgical procedure to exchange older breast implants with new implants.

As each revision breast augmentation is customized to the patient’s lifestyle and anatomy, it can address many concerns, including:

  • Change the size of breasts
  • Update the implant style or shape
  • Saline implant revision
  • Silicone implant revision
  • Improve the implant position
  • Capsular contracture treatment, scar tissue removal
  • Resolve issues like rippling
  • Ruptured implant revision, migration, or leaks
  • Restore better proportions to fit your lifestyle and anatomy
  • Renew confidence and improve the overall quality of life

To further enhance breast appearance, breast implant revision procedures can include a breast lift to raise the position of the breasts to achieve a more youthful figure, especially for those experiencing sagging after pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or aging.

Dr. Cash's Approach to Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision surgeon Dr. Michael Cash is an expert in a variety of breast implant correction procedures. Typically, breast revision procedures can include a breast lift to raise the position of the breasts for a tighter, firmer, and more youthful appearance.

As breast implant replacement procedures require incisions to remove and replace the implants, Dr. Cash will either utilize the existing scars or strategically place the incisions in discrete locations. Dr. Cash is meticulous about creating scars in inconspicuous areas and will provide wound care information to help you minimize the appearance of scarring.

After the old implants and scar tissue have been removed, Dr. Cash will insert your new implants. Next, a breast lift will be performed, if the patient has elected it. The incisions are pulled taut and realigned as needed before closing the incisions and applying the final dressings.

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Dr. Cash is a highly specialized, board-certified plastic surgeon with advanced training in breast and aesthetic surgery. His extensive experience and expertise in the aesthetics industry allow him to deliver superior results that help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

What Should I Expect During Breast Revision Consultation In Nashville, TN?

During your breast revision consultation, Dr. Cash will perform an examination and determine whether you are a good candidate for the surgery. The decision is based on your medical history, surgical history, current medications, and allergies. Dr. Cash will discuss the risks and benefits of breast revision surgery, discuss the associated costs, take before photos, and schedule appropriate medical tests.

Finally, Dr. Cash will explain the choices that will impact the breasts’ appearance, including the many factors to consider when choosing new breast implants.

  • Saline vs. Silicone—The first basic decision you’ll make is between saline or silicone implants. Both implants have their pros and cons. Saline offers fewer health risks, smaller incisions, and is more cost-effective. However, silicone implants have a more natural look and feel, they are lighter than saline implants, and they have more options available. Silicone implants are more difficult to replace if they become compromised or leak.
  • Implant Size—Determining the appropriate size of implants can be challenging. Dr. Cash will help you consider factors like chest width, body size, breast tissue, and overall anatomy to help you choose the best size for your overall figure.
  • Implant Shape—Each patient has unique anatomical or lifestyle needs, so implants come in different shapes. Anatomical or teardrop-shaped implants create a more natural-looking appearance and are ideal for patients with less breast tissue to conceal the implant. Round implants create perkier breasts by increasing upper pole volume or fullness. They come in varying levels of gel consistency and firmness to create volume in different areas of the breast.
  • Textured or Non-Textured Implants—Texture refers to the outer shell of the breast implant. They can be either smooth or textured, with textured implants designed to help the implant remain in place.

Before your breast revision consultation, be sure to review Dr. Cash’s gallery of breast revision before and after photos to see real patient results.

What to Expect During Breast Revision Surgery?

Your procedure will be performed under general anesthesia at a certified surgical facility.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Cash and his highly trained team will meet with you to review all details and answer any questions before surgery. Dr. Cash will begin by creating the appropriate incisions to remove your existing implants. Typically, the original incisions are utilized to reduce scarring during implant removal and replacement.

Depending on the extent of the procedure, breast revision surgery may take three to four hours. However, the time can vary based on the complexity of each situation and other procedures you have chosen, such as a breast lift.

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What to Expect in Recovery

You’ll need some time for rest and recovery at home after your surgery, and should plan to take about a week off from work. You may experience some discomfort in the first few days, which you can manage with pain medication. You may also have some swelling and bruising in your breasts, which will gradually resolve as your tissue heals. 

Dr. Cash will provide you with detailed instructions on how to take care of yourself as you recover, when to see him for follow-up appointments, and how to reach him with any concerns. You can resume low-impact activities and exercise after about two weeks, gradually building up to your typical activity level by about six weeks after surgery.

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Breast Revision FAQS in Nashville, TN

One benefit of breast revision surgery is enhancing the appearance of your breasts. If you aren’t happy with your initial results, you can get a breast implant redo, including increasing or decreasing breast size and improving symmetry. Other benefits include addressing problems with your implants, such as migration, leaks, ruptures, capsular contractures, or rippling. Breast revision surgery ensures your health and overall well-being, knowing that your breast implants are safe for another 10 to 15 years.

A breast revision can also help renew your confidence and restore aesthetically pleasing proportions that fit your lifestyle and anatomy.

Good candidates for corrective breast surgery should be healthy, non-smokers, who have no significant medical problems. There are many unique reasons for women to choose breast revision, including aesthetic or lifestyle changes, complications due to implant rupture or leaks, or capsular contracture.

Breast revision candidates may want:

  • To change breast size—smaller or larger
  • More natural-appearing implants, such as anatomical implants
  • Perkier breast implants with greater upper pole volume
  • To update implant materials
  • Breast asymmetry correction, including breast size and position

Candidates interested in Nashville breast revision should:

  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have no medical conditions that impair healing
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations
  • Understand the risks and benefits

Many patients find that breast revision surgery recovery is shorter than their initial breast augmentation surgery. However, your breast revision recovery will depend greatly on the extent of your procedure. Most patients need one week off work for initial recovery. During this time, Dr. Cash recommends getting plenty of rest and avoiding strenuous activities; you will also need assistance completing normal household tasks.

While some insurance companies may cover breast revision surgery if the surgery is considered “medically necessary,” other companies will not. In most cases, health insurance does not typically cover breast revision costs as it is considered a cosmetic or elective procedure. However, there are some exceptions where insurance coverage or partial coverage may be considered.

It’s important to note that insurance policies and coverage vary widely, and what is covered or reimbursed by one provider may not be the same for another. Before pursuing a breast revision, it’s advisable to contact your insurance company, review your policy, and discuss the procedure with your plastic surgeon to determine the potential for coverage and to understand your financial responsibilities.

Usually, patients are allowed to fully shower once their drains are removed and the incisions are healed. Drains may remain in place for two to three weeks. However, most patients may sponge bathe five to seven days after their breast revision while avoiding water around the incisions.

Following any breast surgery, it’s important to sleep on your back with your upper body elevated or propped up by pillows to minimize pressure on the incisions, enhance circulation, and keep the breasts in a natural position. While a recliner offers the best position, you can also achieve a comfortable and stable position by using multiple pillows under your head and knees to relieve pressure on the back. We recommend this sleeping position for at least six to eight weeks.

It’s also important to avoid specific sleeping positions, including sleeping on your side, lying flat, or bending or twisting at the waist. These positions can put pressure on the incisions and compromise the healing process.

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