Will Tissue Expansion Help Me?

Tissue expansion is a relatively straightforward procedure that enables the body to “grow” extra skin for use in reconstructing almost any part of the body. A silicone balloon expander is inserted under the skin near the area to be repaired and then gradually filled with salt water over time, causing the skin to stretch and grow. It is most commonly used for breast reconstruction following breast removal-but it’s also used to repair skin damaged by birth defects, accidents or surgery, and in certain cosmetic procedures.Tissue expansion is a good idea for almost anyone?in need of additional skin can ?– whether that’s an infant or an elderly man.

  • The procedure is commonly used in breast reconstruction when a permanent implant is needed to restore a woman’s natural physique, but there’s not enough skin available.
  • It is also an option for repairing or replacing portions of your scalp, because hair growth can hinder the use of tissue from other areas of the body.
  • The best results are seen on?the face and neck, the hands, arms, and legs.
  • Tissue expansion can prove to be more troublesome on the back, torso, or other areas where our bodies have thick skin.

If tissue expansion has been recommended to you, this should give you a simple understanding of the procedure — when it can help, how it’s performed, and what results you can expect to see. Make an appointment with our trusted staff to learn more!

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