A Plastic Surgeon’s Global Perspective

This is the story of David Shaye, M.D. and?originally appeared on At Rwanda?s Kanombe Hospital in February, I removed a grapefruit-sized tumor from the jawbone of a 21-year-old man. Then, harvesting the non-weight-bearing fibula bone from the young man’s leg, I used it to create a new jaw. That day, after 12 hours of surgery… Read More »

Moms, It’s Time to Focus on You!

It’s Your Turn Mom! After having a baby, it’s common for women to see changes in their breasts and body. Allergen, a?trusted leader in aesthetics, recently launched the “My Breasts, My Body, My Turn” initiative that?encourages women to focus on themselves after all they do for their families. According to the American Society for Aesthetic… Read More »

What Can Plastic Surgery Offer Men?

Plastic surgery for males is a relatively new phenomenon. Historically, men have viewed this venue of services as mostly for women. My father’s generation was not working out in gyms and drinking protein shakes to stay healthy and active in middle age and beyond. Undeniably, the aging baby boomer population refuses to be defined by… Read More »

The Couple That Gets Surgery Together.

Couples plastic surgery has never been more “in”. It used to be reserved for a more senior age group, with his and hers facelifts at age 60, for example. Well, this is a new era, ushered in by increasing pressure to look good in our over-exposed and image conscious social media lives. Decades ago, you… Read More »

Take Control of Your Intimate Wellness

It’s a fact of life that as women age and go through menopause, there is increased dryness in lining of the vagina which can make intercourse uncomfortable and painful. We want you to regain your confidence and experience more comfort and enjoyment! We will ensure this though a simple, non-surgical laser treatment called CORE Intima…. Read More »

Giving Plastic Surgery As A Gift

As the holidays roll around, people sometimes call my plastic surgery office inquiring about giving the gift of plastic surgery. A wife may want to pay for her husband?s eyelid lift, or a husband might ask to surprise his wife with a breast augmentation. The generosity of a gift comes down to motivation. If a… Read More »

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