Dr. Cash: My Kybella Story, Part 1

This will be a periodic blog about my personal experience after having Kybella injected into the fat pad under my chin.

My family tree has given me a lot of things I am very proud of: a great heritage, pride in my country, a sense of home and belonging. But in that lineage, I have also acquired the small double chin that plagues most of my family. Maybe most people don’t notice it, or maybe they focus on something else when they see me or look at pictures of me. But not me; I see that double chin. It’s simple, but it bothers me. I think it makes me look like I weigh more than I do, and it doesn’t give me the masculine, chiseled jaw of Matthew McConaughey or Brad Pitt. And much like you, I imagine, I neither have the time nor the desire to have liposuction to reshape this area. So when Kybella came on the market, my ears perked up! I have since seen the effect on patients, but hadn’t had the opportunity to have it injected in my chin until now. Kybella (or its scientific name Deoxycholic Acid) is FDA approved and is injected in the fat pad under the chin. It melts the fat away and causes the skin to retract, in effect taking away the double chin. Each treatment’s maximal effect happens at about 8-12 weeks, and most people need two to three treatments. I went to work the next day without a problem, and the best part is that there is essentially no down time. I had my first injection last Wednesday afternoon and operated all the next day. The injection process was simple. I put ice on my chin for about 10 minutes, and the area was marked and cleaned. The actual injection didn’t take long at all. I didn’t really feel the needle because it was numb from the ice, but I began to have a sensation of a cramp in the area not long after the injections. It was kind of like a charley horse. It wasn’t pain free, but it wasn’t intolerable by any means. I put the ice back on the area directly after the procedure, but it didn’t really affect the cramping sensation. This discomfort subsided within 10 minutes or so, and I did experience some appropriate swelling in my neck that started pretty quickly after the injections. This is expected, and in fact, actually begins the inflammatory period responsible for the skin retraction. All in all, I was very pleased with the procedure. I’m passionate about truly believing in the products and procedures that Nashville Plastic Surgery sells and performs. I hope this inside, personal look will ease your mind about the process and encourage you to take the Kybella step with me! Stay tuned for part 2 of my Kybella story, as I will keep you posted on my progress. Make sure to follow Nashville Plastic Surgery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see the progression of my pictures.

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