What Quarantine IS and IS NOT

Let’s be honest here…… Most people aren’t actually quarantining. Quarantining is isolating yourself and your family from any outside influence. Sure, we all need to go the grocery and taking a walk around the neighborhood is good for our mental health. The issue begins with people stretching the quarantine.

Quarantine is NOT hanging out with other people who are “quarantining.” If you are spending time with your neighbor or best friend, you are not quarantining. You can only control yourself. You cannot control whether your neighbor’s kid touched something at the grocery and then wiped his nose when his mom wasn?t looking. This kid may play with your kid and now you can see how it spreads.

Quarantine is NOT having people over to your house to visit. Even if you don’t shake hands or hug your friends when they come to visit, they will still sit on your couch, they will still touch a glass or your coffee table. They may be harboring the virus without symptoms. If they sneeze or cough because you are making them laugh so hard with your clever humor, they left you a gift in the form of the virus. This is the modern-day Trojan Horse.

Quarantining is only leaving your house when you absolutely need. Go to the grocery, go for a walk. And then stay in your house. You are protecting your family. You are protecting your parents. You are protecting your neighbors. You are protecting your friend with cancer or diabetes. You are protecting healthcare workers. You are protecting YOURSELF.

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