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Effects of Tobacco on Your Skin.

It’s 2016. By now, you’ve seen countless ads and heard countless stories about the horrifying perils of tobacco. There are almost 500,000 smoking related deaths each year in America. Smoking can lead to lung cancer and also has negative effects on your brain, teeth, nails, hair, etc. You’ve also no doubt seen the worn, leathery skin of a long-time smoker. Without a doubt, the worst thing you can do to your skin is to smoke. The toxins in smoke change both the quality of the skin itself and also the fat underneath the skin which provides support and hydration. Scary, huh? Today, we look at the lingering effects that smoking can have on the good looks you’ve come to enjoy.

Eyes -? Not only can your eyes lose their brightness, but the delicate tissue under your eyes can be severely damaged. Smoking can cause a lack of sleep, so just imagine constant bags under your eyes.

Wrinkles -? As we get older, we all attempt to look younger and keep those pesky wrinkles away. Smoking damages your elastin and collagen, which make up the foundation of your skin. Once damaged, your skin will lose its strength, and wrinkles will take over. Studies have shown that smokers, depending on their use, can double or triple their wrinkles.

Premature Aging -? continuing with the aging/wrinkles theme, smoking can cause premature aging of your skin. Smoking will dilate your blood vessels causing small red lines to pop up on your skin. We all know the harm that sun exposure can cause, but smoking has been shown to be far worse in the area of premature aging.

Slow Healing Wounds – our bodies are amazing, self-healing machines. However? From everyday nicks and cuts to more serious wounds, smoking can profoundly slow the healing process. This is due to the slow growth and regeneration of vital blood vessels and the lack of oxygen reaching the wound. Those minor blemishes will stay on our skin much longer while smoking.

Psoriasis – you’ve probably seen someone deal with this? Skin disease marked by red, itchy, scaly patches. Smoking will greatly increase your risk due to the thorough drying out of your skin. The soft, moisturized skin you once loved will turn scaly and itchy while smoking.

Beautiful skin can provide us with a great boost of confidence, and we hope each of you gets to experience this wonderful feeling. In the altered words of Bing Crosby, “although it’s been said many times many ways, stop smoking today!”

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