Stay Cool With Summertime Skin Tips

The Harmful Effect of UV Rays

Summer is here — Hallelujah! School is out, and vacation time is upon us. That means we’ll be outside, whether by the pool or in the sand, soaking up the warmth of the sun a lot more often.

The sun?s rays don?t just make you look take tan. Over time, they change the collagen under your skin. This makes the skin droop and have a leathery appearance. Luckily, there are things that can be done to correct the damage of the sun?s rays. So, don’t forget this handy list of tips next time you head out to catch some rays!


  • Use a daily sunscreen (even when its cloudy) of SPF 35 or greater to cut down on the damage to your skin, allowing your body to restore your skin back to health. Check out the EWC’s latest guide to choosing a sunscreen.
  • Protect yourself with clothing. As much as we want to be tan, it’s important to slip back on your shirt when you feel the rays becoming a little too intense.
  • Grab a hat! Whether you’re a fan of the regular ol’ ball cap, or you want something a little more fashionable, a hat can help a great deal to keep the rays off of your face.
  • Find some shade. Take shelter underneath that big umbrella. You’ll be a lot more comfortable and can focus on that book you need to finish!


  • Laser resurfacing
  • A high quality skin care regimen
  • Botox
  • There are also simple remedies like a cool compress, cold shower, oatmeal bath, or some soothing aloe that can nurse your skin back to health after a sun burn

Of course, the best method is prevention. Have a blast this summer, but take these tips to heart the next time you and the family head outside to enjoy the Summer sun!

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