Listen Up: Simple Ear Lobe Repair

Don’t let loose earlobes get you down.

When it comes to fashion accessories (for men or women), one of our favorites is the ear ring. From classic pearls to hip, new feathers, people of all ages use their ears to express themselves. And it seems that more and more areas of the ear are being used. But, let’s focus on your earlobes, which are made up of soft skin and a small amount of fatty tissue. They’re obviously not as tough as even the rest of your ear. So you may see that over time, wearing jewelry can take its toll on your little ear appendages. A common issue?for those who consistently wear earrings is that the earring hole gradually becomes larger and larger. Like most things on Earth, you can’t fight the downward pull of gravity. After prolonged pulling, some may see their skin loosen and begin to hang low. In others, there may be small tears or cases where the earring will pull completely through creating a cleft in the earlobe. The traditional treatment for this has been a surgical repair, removing the skin at the edges of the hole and suturing the edges together. This is very simply done right in our office. In 6-8 weeks, your ears will be fully repaired and ready to be pierced again! So, whether you’ve seen your earlobes begin to loosen or tear from wearing jewelry or just from normal aging, we can repair them to their natural, youthful state. Make an appointment with our staff of experts today!

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