This will be a periodic blog about my personal experience after having Kybella injected into the fat pad under my chin.?

Check out part 1 of my story here. By the time I got home that evening, I began to feel a soreness in my neck. I would describe it more like mild soreness after you work out or lift weights. The area was sore to the touch and if I looked straight up and stretched my neck, I felt it! Oddly this made me feel like I was enduring something for a larger goal of getting rid of my double chin. I took pictures that evening, and I could tell that my neck was swollen from the side, but it was not as apparent straight-on. I have heard other people say they had trouble sleeping that night, but I slept well?and?woke up the next morning with about the same swelling and soreness. I would say the soreness peaked at about 24 hours and was hardly noticeable by 48 hours unless I pinched the area. Not a small point (especially for guys) but I should point out the skin over the area becomes numb and this remains for about a month. This can be a very bizarre sensation when shaving. I shaved 2 days after the treatment and had to watch my movements closely. I would imagine the temporary numbness would be less of an issue for women. Now, it is 5 days after the injection, and I still have some soreness and markedly less swelling. I think I can start to tell a difference, but this may be me being hyper-focused on my chin. I am guessing I will be one of the people who will probably need 3 treatments. Stay tuned for part 3 of my Kybella story, as I will keep you posted on my progress. Make sure to follow Nashville Plastic Surgery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see the progression of my pictures.?