5 things you can do to have a better outcome from surgery: With something as serious and life-changing as surgery, you want to take the necessary steps to ensure you have the best outcome possible. Our goal at Nashville Plastic Surgery is to give you your self-confidence back. We believe it's your life, and we want you to live it fully. Once you get out of surgery, here are a few tips to get the best outcome.

1. Exercise -?we want you to get back to your normal self as quickly as possible, and exercise can help get you there sooner. In the first couple of weeks post-surgery, we want you to focus on your posture and avoid doing strenuous lifting exercises. Try these simple exercises you can do from home. 2. Eat Healthy -?you don't need to go on some kind of crazy diet, but eating healthy after your surgery will help your body feel better sooner. Include lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources like chicken. Try to cut out processed foods and those dishes loaded with fatty oils and salts. 3. Supplements -?the number one recommended post-surgery supplement is Vitamin-C, so make sure you take?1,000 mg three times a day after surgery. Other valuable?supplements include a probiotic, Vitamin B-7, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Bromelain, and Arnica. 4. Rest -?simply put, take it easy. You may not feel like yourself after surgery, so don't rush back to your bustling life. Plan ahead and make sure that you have time off from work. This time is about you, so put your feet up and enjoy it! 5. Stop Smoking -?one of the most harmful things you can do for your body (any time, not just after surgery) is smoking. There are countless harmful effects that smoking has on your body including weakening your immune system. Don't smoke!

We want you to get the most out of your surgery. Please let us know if you have any questions for what you can do before and after your surgery to help you have a speedy, successful surgery!